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About Peak Software

Company Milestones
The founders of Peak Software fielded their first data mart, then known as an Executive Level Information System or EIS. The delivery platform was a time-sharing account on a mainframe computer with line by line input and graphics terminal output.
The Highlander engine was migrated from the mainframe environment to a dedicated interactive minicomputer. Input remained line by line, but we supported a variety of color graphics terminals. We built many custom applications during this period, discovering what user's need.
The Highlander engine was migrated to the PC platform this year. Input became full screen in a DOS program format. Output exploited the PC's graphics ability.
The user interface was completely rewritten for the Windows operating system, the first major overhaul in nearly twenty years. The engine has evolved all along and continues to adhere to the original design.
The original founders incorporated as Peak Software, Inc.
Highlander shipped as an OEM component of a well-known credit risk measurement and management application. The user's interface and engine have begun to evolve toward stand-alone products aimed at the data mart industry.

Email: sales@peaksoftware.com

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